"Take away love and our earth is a tomb"
Well lets see
My engagement has been broken. We have fallen apart and withered away into nothing but a pile of dirt where a flower once grew. I have the consistent feeling that I’m forgetting something or something is missing. More than anything I’m confused and just tired..hurt. I did so much, I went through so fucking much! All for what?! To try to prove myself to someone who was incapable of listening to any voice but his own?! I gave up so much of my life, friends, activities…sanity! I just cant believe that I put myself through this for so long. I forced myself to believe that things would progress and get better, but I was so wrong(mindfucked!). I’ve gone to every limit to show you that you were my one and only and it was never good enough for you. I isolated myself for your satisfaction and to avoid fighting or getting accused of the most ridiculous things.. I could go on and on and on and on about how I feel and things I did that you never appreciated and how you never ever trusted me and fucking shattered my heart and soul! But it wont get my anywhere. I know who I am, what I do, and who I love. I’m not some dumb fucking bitch. I have morals, goals, standards, and expectations. Its such a shame you couldn’t see me for who I really was.. Even though I have always been by your side. I’ve never seen anyone like you. Not a soul on this Earth could compare to you. And I fell straight for you the exact moment I saw you. It’s terrible where this road has taken us but I had to stop sometime. My heart has run low. But I will always love you. I pray to god that Ill see you again someday and we will find each other and both just grow up.. I wish you the best of luck my sweetgingerbear. 9/25/10<3